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Physical Education and Wellness

We know that physical education and wellness are essential components of a well-rounded education. Our comprehensive program for Kindergarten through 6th grade is designed to promote healthy habits, physical fitness, and overall well-being among our students.

Our physical education curriculum is aligned with the Alberta Education standards and emphasizes the development of fundamental movement skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, and lifelong fitness habits. Through a variety of activities, games, and exercises, students are empowered to lead active and healthy lives.

In addition to physical fitness, we recognize the importance of addressing the holistic wellness of our students. Our program integrates lessons on nutrition, mental health, stress management, and personal hygiene to promote overall well-being and resilience.

We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where every student feels comfortable participating and exploring their physical abilities. Our teachers employ differentiated instruction and adaptive equipment to accommodate diverse learning needs and abilities.

We believe in the power of community partnerships to enhance our physical education and wellness program. We collaborate with local organizations, sports clubs, and health professionals to provide students with access to additional resources, extracurricular activities, and wellness initiatives.

Highlights of Our Physical Education and Wellness Program

Active Play: Students engage in a variety of physical activities, including sports, games, dance, yoga, and outdoor adventures, to develop motor skills, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness.
Health Education: Our curriculum includes lessons on nutrition, hydration, sleep hygiene, mental health awareness, and the importance of regular physical activity for maintaining overall health and well-being.
Fitness Challenges: We organize fun and interactive fitness challenges and events throughout the school year to motivate students and encourage healthy competition while fostering a sense of community and school spirit.
Wellness Resources: We provide students and families with access to resources and information on maintaining healthy lifestyles, including tips for physical activity, healthy eating, mindfulness exercises, and stress management techniques.

Physical Education and Wellness Team

Renee Christensen

Anthony Kuechle

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.