Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten!

We're excited to greet you and your child as you embark on an enriching adventure in our Pre-Kindergarten program! At East Lake School, our goal is to provide a nurturing and dynamic environment where every child can learn, grow, and flourish.

What to Expect in Pre-K

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to ignite curiosity, nurture creativity, and instill a passion for learning in young learners. Through hands-on activities, interactive play, and engaging interactions, we aim to establish a strong foundation for future academic success. Here's what your child can look forward to in our Pre-Kindergarten program:

  • Play-Based Learning: Our curriculum emphasizes learning through play, allowing children to explore, experiment, and discover in a safe and supportive setting.
  • Social Development: Pre-Kindergarten offers valuable opportunities for children to develop social skills, forge friendships, and learn positive interaction with peers.
  • Early Literacy and Numeracy: While focusing on enjoyable and interactive experiences, we introduce early literacy and numeracy concepts to help children build fundamental skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • Creativity and Imagination: We encourage children to express themselves creatively through various mediums, including art, music, storytelling, and imaginative play.
  • Physical Development: Our program incorporates activities that promote physical development, coordination, and both gross and fine motor skills, aiding children in developing strength, balance, and coordination.



Communication between home and school is vital for your child's progress. We believe in maintaining open lines of communication with families to ensure you are informed and engaged in your child's educational journey. Our teachers are available to discuss your child's progress, milestones, and any concerns you may have. We value open communication and encourage your input. We provide regular updates about classroom activities, learning experiences, and important announcements through newsletters, emails, or communication apps.

We Are Here to Support You

Our Pre-Kindergarten team is committed to supporting you and your child every step of the way. Whether you have questions, need assistance, or wish to celebrate your child's achievements, we're here to listen, support, and collaborate with you.

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Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.