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Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning. – Maya Angelou

Many recognize that the path to achieve a goal is never a straight one, and it may take many turns along with starts and stops. The collective path of our school community has continued to be a challenging one as we have had to respond to the world around us. Amidst these interesting times we have been able continue to support our students’ needs in innovative and creative ways adapting to the world around us.

Our school community has remained committed to our three areas of focus as we continue to navigate our four-year plan. Collectively we are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and caring learning environment, supporting our students by reinforcing the many positive behaviours that students are taught at home by utilizing Positive Behaviour Intervention Strategies (PBIS). Our staff has continued to dedicate themselves to consolidating best instructional practices and strategies with a renewed focus on literacy and numeracy. Increasing parental involvement while not being able to have them actively in our building has been a challenge but we have remained dedicated to this area of focus as we continue to bring this plan to life.

In an effort to make the words written down in these pages mean more we have been continuing to provide opportunities for our school community to share its voice. Our students, staff and parent community not only provide us with welcomed feedback on regular basis our school community continues to share our story with those that they encounter, and the message reverberates throughout our greater community. We feel that this displays more than pride in what our students are accomplishing, but a genuine understanding of what we are attempting to accomplish collectively through this four-year plan. This causes real excitement for all involved as we continue this journey together.

Jordan Fenton

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