Digital at Home


Parent Tips

We know that it has been difficult for our students in not having daily contact with us at our school and it has been just as difficult for our staff.

    Please stay safe and do everything you possibly can to keep your family and others healthy.

    When kids are anxious about what is going on around us it is best to maintain some sort of normalcy at home. A way to do that is to keep a schedule which includes getting up at the same time everyday (this can help with maintaining a good sleep schedule as well), getting ready for the day (getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast and making their bed), some physical activity, some learning time, some downtime, and some mindfulness.

    It is also important to maintain a connection to those around you by Face-timing or using Skype to talk to loved ones or simply calling them to check in. All these things can help our kids get through a very confusing and stressful time.

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