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WELCOME! My name is Shannon Edeburn and I am one of the Child Development Advisors (CDA) at East Lake School. I have been at the working at the school since East Lake first opened so I have seen many of the changes from the beginning until now and really enjoy working with our students from a mental health perspective.


As the CDA, I offer a planned and balanced approach to student development.  Mental health plays an important role in child development and if a student struggles with their mental health, this can affect many aspects of their life including their academic progress.

The CDA consults with staff, students, parents, and when necessary, with outside agencies. This ensures that the needs of all learners are being met. The program is designed to provide proactive and preventative programs as well as intervention with issues which have already been identified. The CDA works with students individually, in groups, in class presentations, and with the whole school on initiatives.

Areas of support

  • Preventative Programming for kids at risk
  • Peer issues and choices
  • Relationship Building
  • Reinforcing Social Skills
  • Coping with changes in the family
  • Classroom Survival Skills
  • Self-esteem/Building Resiliency/Character Building
  • Dealing with loss and grief
  • Bully proofing
  • Promoting Safe and Caring Schools
  • Family support and referrals
  • Conflict resolution and anger management

Referral Process and Accessing the CDA

Students can be referred to the CDA in 4 ways:

•    Self Referral
•    Parent Referral
•    Teacher Referral
•    Administrator/CDA referral


Please contact me through email  Mrs. Edeburn or by phone at 403-248-1091 Ext 7745 if you have any concerns or questions.

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