Unit 8 Digital Law

Electronic legal responsibility for actions and deeds

RVS Competencies


Media & Information Literate


SS 6.1.1 6.1.2


    1. What is FOIP?

    2. Privacy of Information Sending pictures Taking pictures asking permission to take and or post someone’s picture.

    3. Cookies, cache Nanny logging School traffic knowledge, software that can monitor usage

    4. What is plagiarism? How to create a bibliography/ references (formats A.P.A etc.) with hyperlinks to further sources

    5. What are copyright and creative commons licensing laws and procedures? Using file sharing sites (credit where credit is due) Who was the original creator?

    6. Pirating software, hacking into systems

    7. Stealing identities

    8. What age do you have to be to join social media communities, facebook, snapchat, instagram? Is it even legal?



  1. PrivacyMedia Smarts Law- EPS Research police laws


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