Unit 6 Digital Access

Growing towards full electronic participation in society

    1. How to choose the right device What device works best for you (Grade 5)

    2. What is the Internet?

    3. What is wi-fi and how to access it? Etiquette of downloading etc.

    4. What is Social media? Types of digital media

    5. How to choose the right device What device works best for you

    6. How to use google dictionary and thesaurus introduce online dictionary and thesaurus and the How to use spell check word count what red line and squiggly blue line means

    7. How to use Grammarly

    8. How to use google read and write

    9. Research Skills How to use workspace on ORC

    10. Identify fluency in audiobooks with colons, commas comprehension difference between robot voice and fluent speaker personalizing tools to help you learn

    11. Covering the key features on database portals, personalize, dashboards, file management, and collaboration

    12. Newspaper vs. Journal article

    13. What is fake news?

    14. How to decide if content is "Just right for You", ratings on the content being looked at, music, websites, chat rooms, tv, movies etc.

    15. Who created this ad, what are their motives?



  1. History of the internet

  2. RVS Google text to speak Text to Speech- GOOGLE



  1. Licensed resources

Follett shelf/ ebooks explain genre and topics Evolution of  print media to ebooks

ORC/ Learn Alberta journals

Criteria on Demand


RVS Moodle

National Film Board

  1. RAD CAB Test CRAPP Test

Credibility, Relevant, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose


What it looks like in a digital world?

CRAPP/  RAD CAB What’s this?

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