Health & Wellness

Unit 9 Digital Health & Wellness

Physical and psychological well-being in a digital world

RVS Competencies

Critical Thinker


SS 6.S.9 6.S.8


    1. Positive and Negative messages

    2. Technology is a tool first then toy

    3. Mindfulness/ Living in the present moment

    4. Preventing addiction by maintaining a balanced lifestyle / appropriate technology time, why we become distracted  hiding games in seperate tabs is inappropriate and distracting to effective work habits

    5. Responsibility of communication in any online environment (spreading gossip, talking about someone whether it’s positive or negative information is still gossiping)

    6. Cyberbullying, trolling , leaching

    7. Ergonomics-eye strain, poor posture, poor hygiene, carpal tunnel syndrome

    8. Disinfect devices washing hands






  1. Mental Health and technology Listening to others understanding their perspectives Gaming/ computer/ phone addictions negative outcomes Youtubers following someone you don’t know, forgetting about your core values. Spending more time online then in the reality world positive and negative outcomes. Augmented reality and virtual reality, and gaming.

  2. Creating a schedule for appropriate technology time-EPS Using an app timer to manage your time.

  3. Cyberbullies Online Hate-Mediasmarts




1. Choose one of your favourite youtubers.

2. Describe 3 different situations.

3. Now state how this affects theirs and your mental health in a negative way.

4. What would be a better solution?

5. Be Internet Awesome Game

6. Cybersmart Lesson Plan

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