Safety & Security

Unit 3 Digital Safety & Security (self-protection)

Electronic choices and precautions to stay safe

RVS Competencies

Critical Thinker

Media & Information Literate


SS 6.S.6

    1. Virus protection, firewalls, illegal movie websites (free, too good to be true)

    2. Back ups

    3. Password protection, https sites

    4. What is an IP address

    5. Privacy Protection

    6. Think before you Share

    7. Sharing information

    8. What are inappropriate photos? Number 1 problem with this age group, risks responsibility who owns your phone?



  1. Passwords and Usernames Create a My workspace account

Elective Badge

Inappropriate Use


Bring RCMP officer as a guest speaker (Grades 7, 8, 9)


Social Smarts Comic Stripe PDF

Mozilla web literacy

6 Internet Safety Games To Help Kids Become Cyber Smart by Joe Keeley

Grades 4-6

Think Before You Share

Protect Your Stuff

Know & Use Your Settings

Avoid Scams

Be Positive

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