Unit 2 Digital Etiquette

Electronic standards of conduct or procedure

RVS Competencies



Globally Aware


SS 6.S.9

LA 6.5.2


    1. What is Netiquette?

    2. Setting personal goals for working effectively with others and technology

    3. How it’s rude to go through a friends history

    4. When it’s appropriate to print vs submitting to google classroom

    5. Is it okay to keep in your earbuds/ headphones when talking to others

    6. A time and place for everything to text (do not text when your talking to someone) using the silent button, during instructional time or  driving walking In a drive-thru at a bank

    7. Don’t spread gossip (talking about someone whether it’s positive or negative information is still gossiping)

    8. Do not interrupt a face-to-face conversation to take or make a phone call or to  text or email (sending the message: you are not important) Always focus on people first

    9. Zones of Regulation

    10. Whole Body Listening Image

    11. No swearing or slang/ hidden meanings (ALL CAPS)

    12. Be cognizant of culture differences when communicating (ethnic groups)

    13. Who and when to use shortcut texting- addressing informal vs. formal audience. Do not write a novel through text switch to email



3. Whole Body Listening in regards to Technology.

4. Come up with 5 pet peeves about technology users trade list with another group come up with ways to rewind rude behaviours

5. Rate your own netiquette. Create a S.M.A.R.T goal for future netiquette awareness.

6. Signing a personal etiquette technology user agreement






Whole Body Listening Video

Whole Body Listening Image

Digital Citizenship

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Digital Age Relationships

The Netiquette Edge

Do's and Don'ts

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