Rights & Responsibilities

Unit 1 Digital Rights & Responsibilities

Those freedoms we have in the physical world, extended into the digital world


RVS Competencies

Critical Thinker


SS 6.1.1 6.1.2

Science 6-4


    1. What are your rights?

    2. The right to explore responsibly using problem solving skills

    3. Clear understanding of the behaviour that is required of them

    4. The right to learn online or offline

    5. The right to creating an identity

    6. What is a digital portfolio/ What is a Digital Footprint

    7. Who can see your identity, parents, future employers, grandparents, teachers, etc





  1. Acceptable use policy (digitally sign agreement) making sure it gets covered every year

  2. Update learner profile in whatever platform you are using (digital laundry)


Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

Digital Footprint Click Here First

Digital Footprint


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