Mrs De Boer


Welcome to Mrs. DeBoer's Grade 3 Class!

I am really excited to be teaching at East Lake School this year! We will be working through the curriculum in fun and engaging ways.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns by writing in the school agenda, phoning 403-248-1091 or emailing me at

I will be using the bloomz application this year.  It will showcase what we are doing in class, include reminders for important dates, and allow you to quickly see when we might need volunteers or materials for class activities. If you have any questions about signing up for this application, please contact me for the instructions.  You can navigate to the online version of the application by clicking the 'Classroom Info' button above.

Please ensure you are checking out the school website on a regular basis to learn about the many activities and programs taking place within our school:

Volunteers: Volunteers are more than welcome at East Lake School. If you are interested, please contact me with a few days notice so we can set up a time and task.  There are also volunteer opportunities at the school that would have you supporting the school, but not be directly in the classroom - for example, supporting the Parent Council hot lunch program.  All volunteers must have a valid police check on file with the school office. Please contact the office for information and forms if you have not already obtained a check. If you have a police check on file with the office, they are valid for 5 years. However, you must fill out an annual declaration form each year before you can volunteer again. Please contact the office for more information, and to obtain the forms you need.  Please ensure these forms are completed and Criminal Record Check supplied prior to contacting the classroom to set up a volunteer time

Our Classroom

We are in room 2002! It is upstairs and students will enter the doors by the staff parking lot at the front of the school (not the main entrance). Grade 3 students have lockers and are allowed to use their own locks.  Locks may also be purchased from the school.  If students supply their own locks, please be advised that the combination will also need to be given to Mrs. DeBoer.  This will ensure that if a combination is forgotten or materials need to be retrieved from the locker due to unexpected absence, we don't need to use the big lock cutters!

Students will also need a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes.  Indoor shoes will need to be kept at school.

Glad to have you all in my classroom!

Student Homework

In grade 3, students will have minimal work to be completed at home.  Any work they do have will be an extension of the work we are doing in class, to help them make connections between the concepts and their lives outside of school, or will be work that they did not complete during class time.  Students should be doing no more than half an hour of work a night, including their home reading.

Students should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes at home each day.  Research shows that with just 20 minutes a day, students can increase their fluency (how well they read), comprehension (understanding what they read), and accuracy (saying the words correctly).  Reading can be done independently or with a family member, and students should be using their I-PICK strategies to choose a good fit book to read.

Practicing basic math facts daily can also help students to develop their number sense. This is useful for many different units in school and is a skill that will be built on throughout their education.  Practicing basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication will help students to develop an understanding of the relationship between concepts (2+1 is related to 3-2) and improve their recall.

Parent Tips

A family atmosphere prevails at our school with the education of your child being a shared responsibility.  We encourage your interest in what your child does each day and welcome your involvement in the classroom, school council and at home.

  1. Please remind your child to practice their home reading on a regular basis.

  2. Our online library Book Flicks is available to all families, we encourage you to use this on a regular basis.

  3. Check out the Learn Alberta website for learning activities to do at home.

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