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10 Ideas for Supporting Your Child’s Learning at Home

With winter in full swing and second term half way over, many parents may be wondering how they can be involved in their child’s school and help them be successful.  Providing support for a child at home is one way to be involved in your child’s education and help ensure their success.  The following are ideas of how to support learning at home:

  1. Read, read, read.  Regardless of their age, children should be reading every night at home.  For our k-3 students this may be through home reading books.  For our grade 4-6 students, they should be reading self-selected books.
  2. Develop math skills by learning basic facts, solving real world problems, and discussing how we use math every day.
  3. Discuss your child's school day and what they’re learning daily.
  4. Learn your child's strengths and weaknesses in different areas of school.
  5. Limit TV time, tech time and gaming time.
  6. Develop a consistent routine for any reading, practicing math skills, and reviewing the days learning.
  7. Provide encouragement and approval for effort and schoolwork.
  8. Share your interests, hobbies, and talents with your children.
  9. Provide children with books, magazines, and so forth, and encourage a nighttime reading routine.

10. Help set goals and develop a personalized education plan with your child.

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