Ms. Degner

Greetings Parents!

Please feel free to peruse through my page. I plan to use this website as a resource for keeping you updated. Once a month I hope to upload a monthly letter with information on what we have been working on as a class. Please look for this in the "Music News" tab.

This is my first year at East Lake School and I primarily teach Kindergarten and Grade One Music as well as one class of Grade Three English Language Arts. As a young child, I have always been passionate about music. I am so excited to be able to work with your children and hope to share my love of music with each and every one of them. "Music is the universal language of mankind" - Henry Wordsworth


I studied and completed my Bachelor of Arts in Music at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus. I focused on music, piano and conducting while at Augustana. Then I entered and completed an after-degree in Education at the University of Calgary where I focused primarily on Inclusive Education. I have taught piano for three years in various studios as well as from my private studio and am currently in my third year as the director of Calgary's Scandinavian Adults choir.

Contact Information:

Should you have questions or concerns please feel free to email me at cdegner at anytime. I will do my best to respond within a 24 hour timeframe between the times of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Monday-Friday.

Parent Tips

A family atmosphere prevails at our school with the education of your child being a shared responsibility.  We encourage your interest in what your child does each day and welcome your involvement in the classroom, school council and at home.

  1. Please remind your child to practice their home reading on a regular basis.

  2. Please have your child go on our digital levelled reading program Raz Kids and share their reading with you.

  3. Our online library Book Flicks is available to all families, we encourage you to use this on a regular basis.

  4. Check out the Learn Alberta website for learning activities to do at home.

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