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My name is Cara Nelson and I am teaching Grade 3 at East Lake School.  I have a love for children and a passion to teach. In my view, there is nothing more fulfilling to work amongst children, as they have such creative minds and unique personalities.
On my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and my son. I also enjoy music, piano, reading, hiking, camping and arts and crafts.

I believe that all students have different skills, talents, and gifts that they bring into the classroom. My aim is to create a safe and secure environment, providing proper support and guidance for students to develop emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically. I also believe in nurturing students sense of curiosity and natural wonderment they have for for the world around them.  Therefore, I will provide them with many valuable experiences in order for them to explore their environment and learn different areas of interest.

I also find communication is key for student success.  I care about each and every student and want to assist them in any way I possibly can.  Therefore, please contact me via Bloomz or at cnelson if you need to contact me.

Parent Tips


A family atmosphere prevails at our school with the education of your child being a shared responsibility.  We encourage your interest in what your child does each day and welcome your involvement in the classroom, school council and at home.


  1. Please remind your child to practice their home reading on a regular basis.

  2. Our online library Book Flicks is available to all families, we encourage you to use this on a regular basis.

  3. Check out the Learn Alberta website for learning activities to do at home.

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